SMOOTH sliding door is outstanding with an aluminum frame which is luxurious, easy to use, and has no problem with falling off the frame. There are various types of frames such as single, double or triple frames which are suitable for being partitions, walk-in closets or sliding closets.

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Interior sliding door, Triple lower track

Interior sliding door, Double lower track


A sash hanging on wheels without lower frame can create a space proportional to the size limit. The upper rail is strong and durable. Specifically design by OVERSEAS, suitable for partitioning the kitchen, pantry, bathroom door and continued areas.

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Frameless interior sliding door, upper track, 6-8mm tempered glass

Other Panels

Fix glass panel with light-shape aluminum frame

Slim shape vertical frame with fit in recess handle

Steel panel, special material panel for interior sliding door Color-coated iron plate, a quality material for a sectioning sliding frame allows a variety of functions. It comes with multiple color choices: black, white and more colors especially made for you.

Room Sliding Door

Because every utility space has a meaning.

OVERSEAS is emphasizing on the sliding design that answers to the modern city lifestyle with SMOOTH, sliding doors that have special smooth rails and WISDOM, sliding hanging doors, to separate the spaces for use in building with limited area to like condominiums, home offices, and general living spaces.

We focus on developing our products to be exquisite, durable, unique, and the higest quality. And we strive to provide attentive service to customers in both the production process and after-sales, with our professional team that works based on customer satisfaction as their main priority.

Our Sevices

●All product series can be ordered due to an actual size work, fast and easy to install.

●Free space measurement in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region

●Manufacturing and installations for projects and individual customers by our professional team.
●2 years usage guarantee.
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