1. Why we should use shower partition?

bathroom partition, shower partition, glass bathroom partition, glass shower partition, bathroom partition wall, shower stall: Hot line gathered answers as the following:

  • The partition: No one can refuse the main feature of the shower partition which is used to separate the wet and dry areas, making your bathroom more accessible and less of a clean-up.
  • Saving: Save both time and water to clean your pretty bathroom. Because when we limit the wet area to be only in shower, we clean the dry area easily. Reducing water usage and saving resources.
  • Safety: Often the elderly or those who use the bathroom after a shower have difficulty walking out of the toilet with a wet floor, the floor is usually very slippery when wet. This is a danger in which we can reduce the risk of injury by keeping the main part of the floor dry.
  • Beautiful: A new and unique design of bathroom partitions, shower partitions, glass bathroom partitions, glass shower partitions, shower stalls and bathroom partition walls. This is beautiful and attractive to the users.
  • Valuable: The bathroom is a valuable part of the home when it comes to selling, a nice bathroom is a big part of an abode. It is a good investment when it comes to your home.

2. Curtain shower VS Curtain partitions?

Curtain partitions is one option to choose the team then summarize the advantages and disadvantages to consider.



Curtain partitions

• Can use in a narrow space (<50cm.)
• Lower cost
• Choose a pattern
• Fungus grows easily
• Partially waterproof
• Shorter Life-span

Curtain shower

• 100% Waterproof
• Long Durability
• Beautiful and modern
• Area must be wide enough.(>50cm Up-Narrower to tilt)
• The prices are higher

3. How are "Overseas" products better than others?

• Because we are the “professionals” in shower screens.
• With experience in the field of glass and aluminum for over 30 years and being a manufacturer and installer of shower screens for more than 15 years, we “understand” all the components of the product and all tasks other dealers cannot serve, including the diverse needs of customers.
• We use only certified materials, such as aluminum frames and Tempered glass certified by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute, which has a characteristics of breaking up into “corn seed-like” pieces in case of shattering, (unlike a fake Tempered glass, that will break up into serration-like pieces in case of shattering), as well as using standard components.
• Providing service standards for installing bathroom screens, shower screens, bathroom glass partitions, bathroom glass screens, shower enclosures and bathroom wall partitions, while understanding the risks that may occur during product installation in your bathroom, thus avoiding the problem of defects or damages due to installation, such as scratch on the floor, cracked tiles after wall boring, and so on.
• And most importantly, “We never abandon our customers” because this is our profession. We’ve been in this business for a long time. We are pleased to take care of customers after the sale and throughout the lifespan. Even when the warranty has expired, we’ll always be there to serve you.

4. How does the price of "Overseas" products compare to its competitors.

• Our price is a factory price level. We are both the manufacturer and installer of the products. It goes directly from us to you, there are no middlemen involved so no extra cost.

• So the price you pay, is truly for the price of quality products and a reliable after-sales service with a guarantee of up to five years.
• The market price may vary, because some products in the market have been imported from China, or the price is defined by the general contractor who buys the material in the market to be installed for the customer, thus resulting in diversity of quality level of the material and after-sales services as well.

5. ฉากกั้นอาบน้ำแบบไหนดี ? แบบมีเฟรม VS บานกึ่งเปลือย VS แบบบานเปลือย

ปัจจุบันนี้ ฉากกั้นอาบน้ำมีอยู่ 3 รูปแบบหลักๆ แต่ละรูปแบบก็มีข้อดี ข้อเสีย แตกต่างกันไป ทีม Overseas Hot Line จึงสรุปมาให้ท่านได้พิจารณาค่ะ

ข้อดี ข้อเสีย
  1. กันน้ำได้ 100%
  2. ใช้ในที่แคบๆได้ (บานเลื่อน)
  3. ราคาย่อมเยา
  1. ความโปร่งใสจะน้อยกว่ารุ่นบานเปลือย
  1. กันน้ำได้ 100%
  2. ราคาปานกลาง
  1. ความโปร่งใสจะน้อยกว่ารุ่น
  1. โปร่งใสกว่า
  1. กันน้ำไม่ได้ ตรงช่องพับประตูเพราะเป็นลักษณะบานพับ
  2. ราคาสูง

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