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History of Oversea Shower

Oversea Aluminium Company Ltd.,

We manufacture, design, and install shower screens and sliding doors. We have experience and skills in the field of glass and aluminium for more than 36 years. Our company is one of the companies,which initiate to design and develop shower curtains in Thailand. With our aluminium structure design which is endurance, modern style, affordable price and excellent functions, our shower curtains are always reliably considered to be installed in various construction projects such as condominium, hotel, resort, private house and living places.

  • Made-to-order items
  • Able to create special design which other companies cannot and able to produce specific design for our customers.
  • Free of charge measurement and installation services for our customers living in Bangkok and other provinces nearby.
  • Special price for our special customers, because we are manufacturer.
  • Provide 5 years warranty for parts and 2 years after-sales service for free of charge.

We keep developing new products

To meet your requirements for example:

  • Various styles of shelves: PARADISE model. Easy to install mirror hanger-no need to drill the holes which may cause broken glass, silicone ,which may cause damage to reflective coating on mirror surface, is not needed.
  • Noise Reduction Window: sliding panels, hinge panels, fixed panels. To reduce disturbing noise from outside, we recommend to install specific design noise reduction window upon internal side of the previous installed windows to save cost than to use Double Glazing glass which is more expensive.
“We are always available for you, because we are professional
which has been running business for more than 36 years.”
Product Enquiry

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info@overseas-shower.com or call

02.539.8604-6, 086.393.5522,


  • Your name and contact number
  • Location may including map
  • Product model and quantity
  • Color of frame and material of panel
  • Width and Height
  • Photo of real location: perspective view, left, right side of installation area

We will contact you as soon as possible.


Overseas Aluminium is the leading company to provide services in manufacturing and installation shower screen and interior sliding door. We always develop innovation and excellent quality product as well as work ethics to create happiness for customers, staffs, and social sustainably.


  • To manufacture good standard, high quality, and beautiful design product for our customers.
  • Deeply understand requirements of our customers to provide the best quality product in affordable price.
  • Provide quick, effective, and sincere service to satisfy our customers the most.
  • Continuously develop product and improve our service to match modern way of life.
  • To make employees happy and enjoy working.

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