Product categories : Very Water Resistance, Reasonable and Affordable Price

Framed slide-sliding door enclosure with 4mm clear tempered glass. Appropriate for limited spaces. Special thick upper roller wheels and pulley.

Framed pivot door, 4mm Tempered glass

Framed 2-panel sliding door, 4mm Tempered glass

Framed 4-panel sliding door, 4mm Tempered glass

Moderate price and classic

Semi-Frameless pivot door, 6-8mm Tempered glass

Frameless sliding door enclosure with 6 mm clear tempered glass. Upper and lower roller wheels, wide space , no side frame. Fit in your every way of usage

Frameless 3-panel sliding door, 6mm Tempered glass


Frameless sliding door, 8mm clear tempered glass, upper roller wheels

Frameless casement window with 10 mm clear tempered glass. Standard devices. Stainless quality at grade 304.

Frameless hinge door, 10mm Tempered glass, Square

Shower screen

OVERSEAS shower screen. Separate wet and dry zone. Prevent accidents and reduce necessity to clean bathroom.

OVERSEAS shower screen. Made from high quality material for example, aluminum frame from TISI standard factory. Security tempered glass, 3-5 times stronger than normal glass. Lifetime stainless screws and roller wheels.

Because OVERSEAS thinks of the variables, we continue to design and develop better quality products, prices and unique styles of both aluminum frames and accessories. We also strive to improve our services to satisfy customers need.

Our Service
  • Free space measurement in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region.
  • Manufacture and installations for projects and individual customers by a professional team.
  • All products series can be order by actual size.
  • Guarantee of use, spare-parts, and equipment for 5 years with 2 years free service.
  • Glass coating service, using Over-shield brand to prevent deep-strain.
Oversea Shower

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